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So you got a puppy, now what?

Are you a new dog owner? If so this Blog may help you with your pups grooming needs and may save you some money in the long run!

Ahhh, Puppies! Aren't they just great? The puppy breath, the innocent looks and of course oh the fluffy soft hair!

Speaking of hair, did you know your puppy will require regular grooming?

I hear it all the time, "My puppy is 8 months old and my breeder suggested not to cut his hair until he is a year old" Oh, the good old " because my breeder said so"!

Many pet owners find themself in a hard situation when they bring their full grown, fluffy four legged teenager into a grooming salon at a year old. They leave with only the highest of hopes, that they will come back to a fluffy clean puppy just to have this ripped out from them when they get a call from the salon.

salon: Hello, FLUFFY is very matted and will not stand still, we have to shave him!

This seems to be every new owners nightmare.

So what can you do different ?

Step number 1. If you already purchased a puppy this won't apply to you.

Truthfully speaking your first step should be RESEARCH! Take into careful consideration the breed you are looking to purchase and make sure this breeds grooming need aline with your budget and lifestyle. Goldendoodles for example need a maintenance schedule of 2 week if you are dreaming of that fluffy instagram dog! A Yorkie may only need a consistent 6 week schedule, while a mini-poodle will need a monthly one. You see not every dog has the same grooming requirement.

Step number 2. Brush! Not only brush, but use the RIGHT BRUSH!

Have you ever heard of line brushing? If your plan is to own a doodle, a fully coated Yorkie or any other breed that requires grooming line brushing is a term you need to know! This term refers to separating small parts of hair with a comb where a line of skin is exposed and brushing only that small portion of hair from the line of skin out to the end of the hair.

Brushes I recommend for any successful hair maintenance at home ( Brush daily) :

Long Pin Slicker Brush- Brush your dog with this tool first, brush out any matts gently by holding the hair at the skin and brushing out in small short strokes from there.

A stainless steal Comb.

This should be something you use after the initial brushing never ever try to use this brush to pull out tangles!

A flea comb.

This will help you brush around the eye area

It is very important that you teach you pup from a young age that grooming in not a punishment. This really works if you are able to play with the dogs face and feet A LOT while cuddling and or watching TV. Touch around the mouth, eye and beard then into the paw pads and around them, this will help the groomer when your pup is read for its first session.

3. As soon as your pup is up to date on vaccines which usually happens around 12-16 weeks old, you are ready for your first grooming session.

This session will usually include, brushing, ear cleaning, a bath and dry as well as cleaning around the feet and eyes. That's all! No haircut on the body or face.

This allows your dog to experience the process but not become overwhelmed.

Most groomers recommend this to be done every 2-4 weeks for about two months before a full haircut is given.

5. Now your pup is ready for their first full haircut. If you followed the steps above you should have a tangle tree doggie. Now you are ready to search through all the cute and adorable haircuts specific to your dogs breed and bring some picture to the groomer. Remember that a haircut is something you achieve over time, do not expect your puppy first full haircut to be perfect.

6. When you pick up your fluff ball, consult with your groomer to the grooming frequency they recommend. Most doggies are groomer every 4,6 weeks so ideally to keep your pup looking their best this is the routine you want to stick by.

By Premier Spa Mobile pet Grooming

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