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Dog Groomer in Owens Cross Roads Alabama-Premier Spa Mobile Pet Grooming

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

What is important to know before hiring a dog groomer in Huntsville, AL

Mobile Dog Grooming in Owens Cross Roads ALABAMA AND Huntsville ALABAMA
Mobile Dog Grooming in Owens Cross Roads ALABAMA

Safety Records

You check the safety record on everything, so why not on your groomer?

This is a controversial topic for many. Why? Because of our ability through social media to display every mistake, and harm done to any animal. In the grooming industry, "we" as groomer want to preserve the good name and nature of our career. With the recent flood of accidents in salons the only thing that makes a GOOD groomer stand out between others is their proven track record. So before hiring a groomer take the time to search for reviews online, but while doing this actually read the reviews and not just the number of stars. Pay attention to key words like safe, trust, or compassion as that will show you glimpses of the groomers personality. This is why here at Premier Spa mobile grooming we are very happy to say our reviews speak for our image.



Dog Grooming is a hard and demanding job, compassion for animals must be a part of the groomers daily vocabulary. What do I mean by this? Ever walked into a grooming shop and heard the words " good boy" bouncing around the room over and over again? If so, wow you found a gemstone! Groomers are rewarding good behavior rather then scolding the bad, you are one luck owner by finding this place!



  1. What can price have to do with things you should know before hiring a groomer? Well, groomers are not always certified, insured or educated. I'm sorry, I said it! Now, I'm not saying that a groomer who learned the art on their own or from another groomer is not a good choice, in fact I know many groomers who never attended school or continued education and are excellent at a what they do. What I'm saying is that groomers who are certified, insured and who attend further education at least yearly will be priced higher. A master groomer like myself attends many hours of educational training and becomes certified in each individual breed. We do not shave dogs at least necessary in fact we hate shaving them!

  2. Many other certificates are also available, like the one we hold at Premier Spa Mobile Pet grooming called AKC safety and Dog CPR.

  3. All the education that a groomer puts into their career may mean a high price tag. This also mean, safety, attention to details, insured in case of accidents, knowing the proper way to handle your furry family member.

Dog Grooming in Owens Cross Roads, AL

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Premier Spa Mobile pet grooming

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