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How much does it cost to get your dog groomed?

If you are looking for grooming prices in the Hampton Cove, AL area, the best and most exact prices will be available to you by calling a local business. While I will provide you with a good idea on how prices are determined here, it is important that you understand the prices in this article are only examples.

Lets start by saying that grooming dogs is not an easy job, it takes a soft heart and a strong mind to preform this job. So always be kind to your groomer and in turn they will feel like a part of your family.

Dog grooming prices- how much will my dogs grooming cost?

Dog grooming cost is determined by the following factors :

1. The breed of your dog

2. The Weight of your dog

3. The length of time between grooming appointments

4. The schedule you want to keep between grooming appointments

5. The length of the dogs coat

6. The condition of your dogs coat

7. The behavior your dog exhibits during grooming

8. The amount of time the whole groom takes

9. Grooming at a shop cost vs mobile dog grooming

10.The desired haircut/style

A shop groomer can range anywhere from 50-150$ depending on the factors above. While a mobile dog groomer cost maybe higher between 85-200$.

To give some examples, at my mobile dog grooming salon a 15lbs Maltese with a short haircut would cost about 100$. With a long cut, fluffy legs and a full face a grooming for this type of dog would be closer to 115$. While working at salons an average cost would range from 65-75$.

A English bulldog at 75 lbs would cost about 120$ in a mobile salon and 55+ in a stationary salon.

A Golden Retriever cost of grooming can range from 125 to 175 in a mobile grooming salon and 75-130 in a grooming salon.

A wiggly Yorkie in a salon can range anywhere from 55-80$ and for a mobile dog grooming salon this can range between 85-110.

When contacting your local groomer it is very important that you give the groomer all the information about your dog you can think of. Doing this will eliminate any kind of surprise uncharge when you come to pick up your pooch.

The general rule that I personally like to apply is that if your local dog groomer who has a store front charged you 60$ for a haircut, a mobile dog groomer will post likely charge anywhere from 40-50 extra dollars.

Please consider the factors that influence the price of mobile dog groomer, as gas, travel time, the fact that they only work on one pet at a time. The benefits are excellent and worth every penny, your dog will no longer have to be stressed by going to the groomer. If your dog is nattily stressed by grooming, having a mobile groomer is probably one of the best investments you can make for your pets well being.

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