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Mobile dog grooming Pickerington ohio


Thank you for allowing me to care for your dog. I’m aware that many potential clients  may think  that this form is overly long, but please remember that we are hopefully going to have a relationship which will last many year. I’m here to look after your dogs long term interest therefore, please invest this time to become familiar with my policies. 


While reading this form you can skip over (optional) any paragraph with 

the following symbol. ( @ )

Please read through this contract fully. It is in your best interest to read through this form and if you have any questions feel free to ask. This policy form is 3 pages long. 


Please be honest when booking your appointment, if you know your pet is aggressive in any way DO NOT LIE TO GET AN APPOINTMENT and do not purposely lower your dogs weight to receive a lower price!


The following policies are designed to ensure efficiency, quality and outstanding service to all my clients, and I take them very seriously. I try to limit every possible unknown variable to prevent uncertainty or any confusion for all parties involved. Every client is required to read and sign this policy prior to receiving grooming services. Business stuff aside, I really love what I do and although these policies may seem detailed and firm, it’s what cushions my ability to maximize performance at all times. 



Pet parents are required to be home from start to finish for the initial groom 

Turn-Key is available for all following grooms 


I will use my own safety leash so your leash and collar should be removed before the grooming session or my arrival. @ (optional read) Collars and leashes should always be left in your home, this way I do not have to ship them back when (because I will ) I forget them in my van :) 


Please have your pet ready and taken out to potty before I arrive, if using turn key service, I will be happy to give your pup a potty break before and after the groom. (Please see the turn-key policies and procedures for more information on this service) 


I offer grooming services on a 4 and 6 week schedule. Dogs on a 4 week schedule receive a discounted rate. While you are not in any way require to pre book your next appointment, the only way I’m able to guarantee a spot in my schedule for your pet is by pre booking appointments on a regular schedule.(ask me how) Otherwise, unfortunately I may not be able to fit you back into my route in your neighborhood when you call or text for your next appointment a few months from now. As I have gotten a few negative reviews for not being able to fit dogs back into my schedule after the owner oped out of pre booking I must stress this to avoid any confusion. @ (optional read) Please understand that this is a single person operation, which means I can only groom so many pets each day. For your own satisfaction and to avoid any stress I recommend staying on a schedule. If we do not agree on a 4 or 6 week schedule before I leave your residence, I may not be able to fit your pet back into my schedule going forward. 


Premier Spa Mobile Grooming LLC clients agree not to in any way slander or injure the business reputation or goodwill of the company, by any reviews if Premier Spa Mobile Grooming LLC is unable to offer grooming services in the future due to the clients inability to set a schedule in order to reserve a permanent spot in Premier Spa Mobile Grooming LLC routes. (by signing the form bellow you are agreeing to the above)




All Dogs must be up to date on Rabies. Rabies certificate or latter must be available for me to copy at our first appointment. If for any reason you are unable to find one in your home, you can have your vet email it to In the case that I’m unable to view a certificate of rabies or it is in fact expired ( please check expression date before booking ) at the time of my arrive the pet parent will be responsible for the full grooming fee. 



My scheduling system will send you a reminder text message with your next appointment date and time after each visit as well as 2 days before your appointment. 


I have a one hour arrival window. 

Arrival windows are an hour long block of time. 

For example, an 8:00 am - 9:00 am arrival window means that I will arrive between 8 and 9 am.  @ (optional read) This window is in place to account for any unavoidable variables and unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, mechanical issues, traffic or extended grooming time of an earlier appointment. This window is solely for my own arrival, please be home in the dedicated time frame. Please understand that there is no exact timing when working with live animals. 



Both, Background check and references are available upon request.



I schedule all appointments by routes based on when I’m in your area in relation to my other clients location.  I will attempt to make my schedule as convenient to you as possible. Due to the nature of mobile grooming routing, there may be times that your schedule dose not line up with my routes. If this circumstance arises, worry not! I offer a convenient, safe and secure Turn-Key service. Leaving access to your pet through a garage code, key or a key pad allows you to have one less thing to stress over on your busy to-do list. No need to work your schedule around your furry friends grooming! Because I may only service your specific neighborhood once or twice per month going forward our schedule may not aline, it is important that you intrust me with a Turn-Turn-Key service.

It is understandable to be uneasy and reluctant for someone to have access to your home. Have peace of mind, as a small single owner company your homes is safe in my care. ( references available)  I would never do anything that could jeopardize my companies goodwill. Your privacy and security is paramount to me, this is why all key codes and keys are stored in a secure space with code access. (your keys are NOT labeled with your address). Both, Background check and references are available upon request. 

When using key service I ask that you place your dog in a kennel or a secure location in the house where they can be easily access. (lock all doors to bedrooms for easy access) I must be be able to access your pet in the main level of your house and not in bedrooms. 


Turn-Key Service makes keeping your appointments possible when our routing clash with your schedule to avoid any missed appointment fees. Missed (no-show) appointments are subject to missed appointment fee. If you are not home when I arrive for our appointment, you are responsible for the price of the groom and must pre pay for any future grooming before booking. Turn Key service is available only to established clients, you must be available and home for the initial groom. 




As a small business operated by one person, each appointment is financially accounted for in advance for  my company growth and continues education. I require a 72 hour cancellation/reschedule notice. (This is not negotiable) While my automatic system provide you with each future appointment ahead of time, it is ultimately the clients responsibility to make note on the appointment time and date on their calendar. The appointment reminder text which you will receive two days prior to your appointment (42 hours) is a courtesy only, please do not treat this message as an opportunity to decide if or not you want to cancel the appointment. If an appointment is canceled during this time, it is already passed the 72 hour mark and subject to cancellation fee of 50% of the grooming price as it is not possible to recoup lost booking that were turned away to reserve your spot. 

Canceling should not be necessary as I offer a Turn-Key Service.

@ (optional read) Should you reschedule due to an emergency in a timely manner, I will do my best to offer you the next available spot in your neighborhood. I’m 98% booked year round, so I have limited wiggle room for rescheduling, but of course I will do my best to accommodate you schedule. If a client reschedule 3 times during one year, they must pre pay their appointments going forward. 


Winter ICE and summer HEAT

 Even though our unit has both heat and AC, during the winter and summer their maybe times when we must move your appointment due to extreme temperatures.This is done only in extreme cases and for your pets safety.




Please understand that every attempt will be made to give your pet the highest quality service possible. That being said, untrained, aggressive, dangerously hyper dogs can be a danger to themselves and the stylist. It is the owners responsibility to provide the stylist with all information she may need to do the job safely at the time you book your first appointment. 

As I work alone, I DO NOT groom dogs who’s are aggressive, nippy, or had in the past snapped or growled at any previous groomer or other person. My hands are my livelihood, if I was to be bitten this can cause me to be out of work for extended period of time and many painful rabies shots and injections! (speaking from experience)  Please be honest when booking your appointment, if you know your pet is aggressive in any way DO NOT LIE TO GET A APPOINTMENT ! 

Older pets that exhibit difficulty standing or are reluctant to stand during grooming will be worked with on a case by case basis and are subject to a handling fee (10-15$) as this causes wear and tear to the stylist body and prolog the grooming time. (initial groom will not be charged this fee ) After the initial groom is preformed I will make the decision on whether or not I’m able to physically handle your pet, we can then discuss your options going forward. Please remember that if I decide your pet needs to groomers at all times and I’m not able to give your pet a spot on my schedule going forward, it is due to safety and the well being of your pet. Please do not slander our business in any way online if we are not able to offer you future grooming. 

Rehabilitation (dogs who are extremely scared of grooming) are require to be on a bi-weekly schedule until rehabilitation is complete- NO exceptions. If I feel this is the case with your pet I will speak to you about your options after the initial groom in completed.


Dogs that exhibit extreme behavior such as, bitting, snapping, rolling, screaming, urinating or defecating during the groom will be returned to the owner for their safety. Please do not slander our business in any way online if we are not able to offer you future grooming due to the dogs behavior. 


If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your service I ask that you bring this to my attention before taking any fixable issues straight o a negative review. If you were satisfied with my service and decide to leave a positive review on GOOGLE MAPS, you will also receive a 10$ coupon for one future groom.  



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