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DeShedding Package  

Is your dog shedding and losing hair all over your clean floors? 

Our 5 step system when used on a regular bases decreases shedding and leaves your dogs coat shinny and clean to the touch! 

Nail smoothing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and glands all included in price- dogs up to 45 lbs 


First I Brush the dogs Coat with a leave in conditioner this helps loosen the hair before the bath. 

Nails and cut and smoothed and ears are cleaned. We then brush teeth and look over the dogs skin and hair to see which treatment will work best. 


In the bath I use a mirco-bubble system that moves the product deep into the coat and skin while massaging the dog. In this step the doggie receives 3 baths.

1st with a de-greasing shampoo

2nd a natural deshedding shampoo called E-Z Shed byNatures Specialities.

3rd A bath with a conditioning shampoo and conditioner in which we speak the pup for about 5 minutes.  


Now that the pup is washed the dryer is used to not only dry the coat but break through the undercoat and lose the hair up even more. In this process the dog loses most of the old hair and skin. 


Here comes the brushing. Using a brush selected specifically for the dogs breed and hair type I brush the hair and spray it with a conditioning spray natural formulate for dogs. This leaves the coat shinny and smelling great ! 

Before submitting a form please make sure you live in one of the areas listed below. 

 Big Cove, AL, |Owens Cross Roads, AL, | Hampton Cove, AL | parts of New Hope | parts of Brownsboro  | Gurley, AL 35748 | 

Address :
7103 Tull Water Drive SE,
Owens Cross Roads, 
Alabama, 35763 
Phone :
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