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Dog groomer in Huntsville ,AL and Hampton Cove, AL 36763, Owens Cross roads, What could be better than a dog              grooming spa on wheels?



Our mobile grooming spa comes to your home or office, saving you time and creating a stress-free experience.


  • Convenience. What could be better than a dog stylist bringing a salon to your door? No more waiting for your pet to be ready many hours after you drop them off at a grooming salon,  with us your pet is ready in an hour or two. You don't even have to be home!  mobile dog groomer big co


  • Clean. With Mobile Dog Grooming there is No more shedding hair in your freshly cleaned car, let us worry about the hair!


  • One on one attention. An experienced groomer who will get to know you and your pet on an individual level. Each pet receives one on one care from start to finish


  • Stress-free Service. With Mobile Dog Grooming Dogs with anxiety benefit from the cage-free environment with nobody around but the groomer, and some nice relaxing music.


  • Safety. No heat drying in cages, no dogs are left unattended.


  • Less exposure to bacteria. There is a lowered risk of disease that dogs may spread into cages at salons-like kennel cough.


  • Calm experience.  For dogs that do not enjoy being groomed or seem scared to go to the groomer, mobile grooming is the answer.


  • Great for older dogs. Older dogs benefit from the one on one attention, no cages, and no barking dogs. You benefit from not having to drag your older dog into and out of the car. dog grooming big cove 

    Alabama and dog groomer big cove 


  • Above all no more hassle and stress for YOU!

Dog grooming in Hampton Cove AL.


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Making Dreams Come True

Katarzyna (Kate) Stachowiak:

Owner and operator of Premier pet Spa

Growing up in NYC I found myself wanting to connect with nature (since there is so little of it). That is where I started my grooming journey and learned to express myself through helping animals look and feel great.  My passion has always been the same, caring for animals as well as being creative. Grooming allows me to combine the two biggest aspects of my life. This is why I chose grooming as my career. When I groom, my passion can be expressed into something that makes people smile and animals feel good. I‘m at my best when surrounded by amazing animals and their owners.


My experience ranges from salons, managerial grooming positions, artistic grooming, dog training and rescue work. Of course being a great groomer is not all about the groomer’s experience. It is about listening to my clients and making pets and their parents my priority.

Kate Stachowiak 
Founder & Creative Director

I Think of Every Detail 

The grooming salon offers a stress-free grooming process designed to create a comfortable environment for your pet. 

Our mobile dog grooming service comes to your door each time on a regular set schedule. We offer turnkey service with many great references so you don't even have to be there when I groom your pet. With key service, you can come home to clean dog each and every time. 


No more driving to the grooming salon and sitting in traffic, let me come to you!


Here at Premier Spa Mobile Pet Grooming, I understand how hard it can be to find the right groomer. This is why each new client receives a consultation with me at the beginning of their first grooming appointment. The last thing I want is for your dog or you to feel any type of anxiety! I make sure that your dog and you are both fully comfortable with me and the process before starting any grooming.


You will have the opportunity to view the grooming salon at our first visit. You will see that what I offer is a safe, clean and sensitized environment for your dogs' grooming needs.



Dogs who show signs of anxiety while being groomed are the once who need us the most.

This form of anxiety is usually fear-driven or experience induced. While it seems scary to think about your beloved pet in someone else's hands, it is important that we develop trust between each other.

With my extensive  training, I'm able to provide a calm and relaxed environment for your dog while they learn not to fear being groomed. 

Address :
7103 Tull Water Drive SE,
Owens Cross Roads, 
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